Success Stories

As a bestselling author, international coach, RHN, and fitness expert, I am constantly asked to endorse products. So you can imagine I was resistant to trying Xooma for the same reason. Finally, after eight months of persistence something in me decided to give them a try. Wow! In thirty days of using Xooma's MetaboWize System, along with their X2O and FocusUP, I released 12 unwanted pounds, lost two inches off my waist, had more energy and clarity than I'd had in years, and began to sleep like a teenager - and I already thought I was healthy! I now feel like it's my duty and obligation to share these stellar products with everyone I meet. They truly can change the health of a generation! I Love Xooma!

Crystal Andrus, Bestselling Author, Founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Fitness Expert Certified with the American College of Sports Medicine

When I was pregnant, I got up to 180 pounds. At that time, I did not know about Xooma Worldwide, but I did use Herbalife to get back down to 135. That worked then, but years later, when I got older I found myself back up to 160 pounds without being pregnant! Herbalife no longer worked, despite my best efforts and I did not know why. Feeling I was a little out of control, despite not really overeating, I could not seem to shake the 160 pounds and was worried I would just keep getting fatter and fatter.

I discovered Xooma approximately three years ago. I was first sold on the X20 and noticed that I did not get the colds I used to get, my mind was much clearer and sharper when I used that product, plus I had more energy. Faced with my weight problem and skeptical about weight loss programs, I talked with "Denise" at Xooma who is in Customer Service. She convinced me to try the MetaboWize Program, assuring me that it would work. I cannot say I believed her at the time, but I was desperate. I really did not have the money for it either, but when I did get the cash together, I figured money spent on my health was the best investment I could make. Without my health, nothing much else would matter. So, I put "me first". Glad I did. I combined the MetaboWize AM and PM Formulas with the Nature's Body Cleanse plus the X20. I have to tell you, not only did I lose all the weight I wanted, but have not gained it back!

A few years have gone by now and I am still at 135! Yeah!!!!!! I even had many people make comments to me using the word "beautiful" without me saying anything, after the weight loss. That was nice. I had not felt "beautiful" when I was getting fatter.

I would highly recommend these products to anyone!

P.S. Sorry, did not take a before and after picture. Wish now I had. :)

Vera C., Washington, USA

After going to my family physician during Christmas, I was desperate for help. I had been a Xooma Member for approximately 6 months, but I did not know all of the products. I had enjoyed the benefit of X2O and FocusUP, yet I weighed 290 lbs, had been sick several days during the Fall season, and was experiencing continuous arthritic pain in my knees and back. I asked my doctor to prescribe something in addition to the high blood pressure medication, the thyroid medication, and the anti-inflammatory medication that I was already taking. He only said that I should continue with the prescriptions I was taking, change my diet, and he gave me a sample of an enzyme-based product that I could buy over the counter at the Pharmacy. So, I said there has got to be another way.

It was following that meeting that I committed to taking the MetaboWize system to manage my weight and my life. I started with my shipment on January 1st. Today I have lost 50 lbs, coming down to a current weight of 240 lbs. I no longer take blood pressure or thyroid medication. I have regained lean body tissue, enough to diminish the aggravating pain that I had in my knees and back. I eat a healthy breakfast of protein based foods, then a MetaboWize shake at 11:30a.m., a second MetaboWize shake at 3:30p.m., and eat a healthy dinner between 5:30 and 7:00p.m. I have learned to eliminate foods that are disruptive to my system, and eat foods to fuel the fire. I exercise with stretching twice a week. I am feeling great, energy is constant, and the future is shining brighter each day. I will always rely on Xooma products to keep me healthy, be an example for my family and friends, and help to change the health of a generation!

Jeff C., Georgia, USA

I am a 52-year-old woman and have tried what seems like everything on the market and to no avail, mainly I think due to the ingredients which the products were made of. I started using MetaboWize in March. When I became a Xooma Member in December, I wore a size 20 dress. I was already familiar with the alkaline water via a different technology. I placed myself on a 90-day alkaline cleansing and implemented a change in what I ate. I used my alkaline X2O sachets daily, consuming about 64 to 72 ounces a day of X2O water. At the end of my 90-day alkaline cleansing, I used Xooma's Nature's Body Cleanse. I wasn't sure if the MetaboWize Protein Fiber Shake would aggravate my allergies. Most protein shake ingredients would have my body's system in an allergic state. Because the product is lactose-free, I never experienced the allergic episode like I had with other protein shakes. So I continue to use this product too.

By the end of my first month, I began to see that my pants around my waist were loosening up. About four months later I had lost inches and was able to comfortably get into my size 16 clothes that I had put in boxes to give away.

I follow a healthier diet than ever before. I add frozen fresh fruit with the MetaboWize Protein Fiber Shake and X2O water for breakfast. It keeps me full for the first half of the morning. Then at night I have another MetaboWize shake with dinner before I go to bed. I can still see that I am losing weight and now my thighs don't rub together.

I now feel more confident when I step out. There's more pep in my step, and a sensuous glide in my stride. Thank you Xooma for having a product that I want to and will use on a daily basis as needed.

Andrea H., Florida, USA

My name is Anita and I lost 8 sizes in 8 weeks on the MetaboWize program. You can do this too. I feel the best I have in years after losing weight on this program. I started out a size 16, had no energy and was tired all the time. Having to work part-time, do house cleaning, prepare dinner and play with my sweet little boy Tyler kept me exhausted every day. The physical challenge of having a toddler and attempting to keep up with him was taking a physical toll on my body.

Now, it's been 2 years and I have kept the weight off. I wake up every morning with energy. I feel good and I love the way I look. These days I am out with Tyler roller blading, bike riding, swimming and doing all those things he loves to do instead of my having to make excuses why I can't keep up. I am so grateful for these products. I am now living life instead of wishing I had one!

Anita H., Winnipeg, Canada

In January, I took the weight loss challenge your Company offered and primarily using the X2O and the Chocolate MetaboWize (as a meal replacement), I was able to shed 34 pounds in a 90-day period.

By summer's end, a few of those pounds found their way back onto me after a summer filled with hot dogs and hamburgers as well as other desserts. By October, I started the entire MetaboWize program again, the chocolate MetaboWize shake, the AM and PM Formulas, Assimilator and Nature's Body Cleanse. I took these products along with the X2O and FocusUP, which I have always used.

The result was I lost 10 pounds just in the month of October. And it was a healthy 10 pounds, as I never felt hungry after the MetaboWize meal replacement shake!!!

Andy H., Ohio, USA

For the past 14+ years, I have been taking Xooma's Metabowize AM Xtra to help keep my energy up and my waist down. I work long hours on my feet and need to be alert to do my job. Taking AM Xtra first thing in the morning gets me moving and another at lunch time keeps me on my toes. I am 64 years old and can run circles around the 18-year-olds with whom I work. I see other people taking caffeine supplements and power drinks, which cost a small fortune, trying to get the same results. But for my money, the cost savings of AM Xtra has them all beat, hands down. I have as much energy as I did when I was in my 20's. Also, whenever I have to drive long distances, AM Xtra is perfect for staying alert and focused. Thank you Xooma for this wonderful supplement, and thanks for the affordability of all your products.

Joe H., North Carolina, USA

Before I got my job at Xooma, I was just hanging around the shelf eating whatever crumbs would come my way. You know a cheese curl here, some pizza there. And you didn't want to leave a can of soda near me, just sayin, man, it all tasted so good. But after a while, look what it did to the ole physique.

The plastic surgeon told me that my cholesterol was way too high but that it matched my glucose numbers... He told me that I needed to make a change or I would just keep getting bigger, and soon I would need supports to keep the shelf from collapsing. He even said I should start exercising. Exercise??? Look, I was sure that it helped some folks, but other than swaying back and forth when someone went past, exercise just wasn't in the cards for me. Well, let's just say that I loved the sounds other people made when they were working out?!

Then I ended up on the shelf here at Xooma and got introduced to X2O. I remember well... that was the day that changed my life.

After a few days of putting X2O into my water, my belt started to slip. Then I noticed I didn't want to eat junk food anymore... not that I could find any in the building, everyone was so healthy. I even caught myself swaying, on my own!

Next, Ken, the Product Guru, inadvertently introduced me to his MetaboWize Protein Shake. Woohoo, it tasted great. So I sipped a little of his from his cupboard, when I could. Then I really didn't feel as hungry as I used to be. After that, I snuck onto the shelf under me to see what else he had and I started feeding myself some of the AM and PM Formula's...that was 6 months ago. LOOK AT ME NOW!

I become a rocking and rolling, healthy and happy spokesman for Xooma Worldwide. And with the MetaboWize System, now you can too!


WOW, I went to my doctor the end of October. I found out I have now lost over 120 lbs in the last year. MetaboWize products are working for me! I eliminated 36 lbs in my first 4 weeks. My desire to eat and my appetite went way down. I've now been off of MetaboWize for 6 weeks and have not gained any weight back. I eat way less than I did before. I don't have cravings for food like I did. I am able to put my hands six inches farther behind my back than I could before. And I know that it is working for me because almost everyone is commenting on my weight loss. Naturally I cut back what I ate as I was not hungry and felt full sooner. So this product has really worked for me. It has also allowed my wife to get off her Synthroid, which is really fantastic.

I have also found that I have to use the MetaboWize PM and X2O PM to be able to sleep at nights - I get way too excited by life now! The PM formulas allow my body to naturally sleep.

Each time I use MetaboWize I lose more weight.

Boyd G., Utah, USA

I've been on Xooma products for a little over a month now. I've tried everything to lose weight: Weight Watchers, exercise, a low carb diet, pretty much every weight loss product at GNC, protein shakes, and even prescription weight loss meds. I could only lose a few pounds, then plateau. I looked at the acidosis symptoms and I had a lot! Here we go: Muscular Pain, Cold Feet, Low Energy, Food Allergies, Sensitivities to Odors, Panic Attacks, Heartburn, Rapid Heartbeat (always over 100 - now 85), Excess Head Mucous, Metallic Taste in Mouth, Migraines, Insomnia, Sinusitis, Nausea, Allergies, Heartburn, Sugar Cravings, Obesity. Whew!

I took all of these medications as needed: Klonopin, Benadryl, Prilosec, Pepto, Zyrtec, Sudafed, and occasionally a Norvasc if my blood pressure spiked.

With Xooma I've now lost 25 inches. I'm off all meds except Zyrtec, and 90% of the above symptoms are gone. I feel better than ever! I take Xooma products: X20 (3-4 sachets a day with 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water), MetaboWize AM Xtra, FocusUP, Assimilator, MetaboWize PM Formula and occasionally the Nature's Body Cleanse.

I am a graphic designer and helped create a newsletter called "The Alkaline Edge." Since uploading graphics and learning the science behind Alkalinity and how important it is, my chronic weight retention all my life finally makes sense.

Jessica M., North Carolina, USA

On December 30, I weighed over 300 pounds. I had just made the commitment to myself and my family that I was finally going to focus on my health again and lose that excess weight - for them and for me. Ironically, that following week I saw a picture collage (posted in a public place of business) of another man who had lost over 100 pounds with Xooma's products. I went to meet him personally to find out how he did it. I said to him, "Tell me exactly what you did, and I will do the same thing."

He started me with one of Xooma's Cash Back Packs that contained X2O, FocusUP and the MetaboWize Complete Pack. I began my weight loss journey in January. Amazingly, I lost 17 pounds in less than two weeks. My progress continued at an amazing rate as I watched the weight continue to fall off through using the MetaboWize System, X2O and FocusUP.

I also noticed that my energy levels increased dramatically and I was feeling better than I had in a long time. By the beginning of April I had lost over 60 pounds and was honestly amazed at my progress since I did very little to change my food choices and never made the time to exercise.

As a result of my experience, my entire family began taking several of Xooma's products. Then, after my friends and more of my extended family noticed how we looked and how great we all felt, they began trying and using Xooma's products, too.

I am so proud to recommend Xooma to everyone I meet. It has not only transformed my body, these products have transformed my life and my family's life. Thank you Xooma!

Dave T., Alabama, USA

I have been taking the X20 and other Xooma products since March. I have now lost 40 lbs. For 10 years, I have suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. Then I was in a major car accident in 2007. Currently, I go to school full time for a Nursing degree, and I also have a family at home.

I believe I do so well with the pain that I normally suffer from on a day-to-day basis from the car wreck and my Multiple Sclerosis because of the beneficial minerals that I add to my body on a regular basis from the X2O. I am also able to focus on my daily activities and responsibilities with the help of FocusUP. Due to the Xooma products, I feel like my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms have not been exacerbated because of it. And I have cut out the majority of my expenses from eating out in order to afford these products.

I just want to say THANK YOU so much to XOOMA. You have really helped me this whole year.

Jennifer W., Tennessee, USA

When I was introduced to Xooma Worldwide, I didn't even know they had a weight loss program. I was interested in the brain support products, like FocusUP and RevitalMind. It was important to me since my mom has Alzheimer's and my wife's dad also had Alzheimer's. Because of lack of education about how important it is to having a good pH balance, an alkaline body, I wasn't interested in the X2O product. I did not drink water. I drank about 200 ounces of diet soda every day.

With a simple demonstration, the Xooma Corporate Team showed me how acidic the diet soda was (over 150 times more acidic than the blood in our body). I knew I couldn't drink diet soda but I had tried on numerous occasions to quit and couldn't because of the addictive nature of diet soda. From the first bottle of X2O, along with the FocusUP drink, I have not had ANY cravings for diet soda ever since.

Next came the weight loss. I had tried to lose weight about four months before being introduced to Xooma. After being introduced to Xooma in July 2010, I went to the corporate offices and discovered their weight management program. I began to do the rapid weight loss program where I drink four shakes a day for the first five days, and then two shakes a day with small meals for the reminder. The first 30 days, I lost 23 pounds.

The MetaboWize System was also giving my body what it needed to replace the nutrition I was not getting from a fast food diet! It also stopped the craving for the foods that I did not need to eat. By six months, I had lost a total of 120 pounds.

I feel great. My friends tell me I look 10 years younger. I still use the MetaboWize meal replacement shake in the morning. It's a delicious way to start my day and I have been able to keep the weight off now for almost 2 years!

Because of the success with these products and the impact they have had on my life, I had no choice but to share with others, and the opportunity for them to change their lives as well. I now make a full-time high 6-figure income with my Xooma business. And I have the time and freedom to spend with my wife, my 6 granddaughters, and the people that I love and care about.

Ronnie W., Oklahoma, USA

It all began when I got a phone call from a friend of mine, a call that included another gentleman named Ronnie. I spoke with both of them, and Ronnie shared how much weight he had lost with Xooma. I was skeptical, not so much about the weight part, but about the network marketing portion. But I told them that if the weight loss worked, I would get behind not only the products but Xooma as well.

I began in January. I started taking the products on the MetaboWize System - the Protein Fiber Shake, the AM Formula and the PM Formula - as well as the X2O, because you shouldn't do one without the other! X2O is the gateway to everything, meaning it makes all the other products work better.

When I began, I was 256.5 pounds. Within my first 30 days, I lost about 20 pounds. I thought, wow! It was amazing. And every Sunday I would try on something too small - I started with trying on some of my old size 38" pants. I wore a 44.5" waist at the time. While they still didn't fit at the end of the month, I did find I had lost a few inches, too.

The second 30 days, I lost 12.75 pounds. So by the end of the first 60 days, I had lost 32.75 pounds. By this time, I had gone from a 44.5" waist down to a 40" waist - so by then I was really jumping for joy. If I could do a back flip, I would have done ten!

Then the third 30 days, I lost 12.5 pounds. I won Ronnie's weight loss contest because I had lost 45.5 pounds in the first 90 days.

And I finally got those size 38" pants on - I mean they were tight, tight. But by the time I got to the month of June, six months later, I had lost a total of 62 pounds.

When I started on the MetaboWize program, I drank two MetaboWize shakes a day. I had my shake on my way to work, which is an hour drive. I personally love my shakes frozen. My wife makes them and puts them in the freezer. So I scoop it out with a spoon. I would have that for breakfast. For lunch, I would bring walnuts, and not even eat all of them, just snack on them. And I would have another shake for lunch. I would make it with a little ice and a FocusUP drink stick in it. It tasted like a strawberry shake, shake it with ice, and it tasted great. After that, I would have a turkey sandwich and the rest of my nuts the next time I ate. I tried to eat something every three or three and a half hours.

This June, it will be two years that I have had the weight off and kept it off. And to date, I still have a MetaboWize shake five days a week for breakfast, because I enjoy it and it's only a 225-calorie breakfast! I love the AM Extra Formula and PM Formula too. With the MetaboWize System, my body was burning fat 24/7. That's why I was able to lose the weight in the first place.

I'm a truck driver and I drive an 18-wheeler. I now watch what I eat because what Xooma taught me was how to eat, and how to manage my weight. It's a true weight management program.

And talking about being a truck driver - I don't drink coffee any more. I don't drink sodas any more. I lost the cravings after I started the MetaboWize System! It used to be when I opened my eyes, I would have a cup of coffee. I would fix another cup of coffee while I was getting ready. When I went out the door, I would have another cup of coffee to go to work. And when I started my drive, I would have a 24-ounce cup of coffee! I was told that the MetaboWize System would cut the cravings down and it really did. I mean I don't even crave coffee or sodas any more.

This is my story and I love telling it. When I tell people my story, I am real and I'm a real example. I tell the truth. And that's what Xooma is about, telling the truth. And if you stick to the plan, the MetaboWize plan, you WILL lose the weight. And the best part is I'm never hungry. When I spoke to Ken Marsh at corporate about the weight coming off, I told him that I hoped I could keep it off. And it's the truth! I'm wearing my green Xooma bracelet, with TRUTH on it. I'm now in my 50's and I don't take any medication. And for an African-American man, that's pretty good! And despite some of my family history of illnesses, I look forward to seeing a happy and healthy 85 or 90 good years!

A final tribute to the MetaboWize System is that I've done lots of other programs, NutriSystem, Atkins and more. And I've lost, but I've brought all the weight back, again, with friends! On NutriSystem I didn't just lose weight, I lost muscle. On the MetaboWize System, I didn't lose any muscle. I listened to the MetaboWize CD over and over, and I listened to all those testimonies. And I'll be doggoned if I didn't become one of those testimonies myself! Thank you Xooma!

Bruce W., Louisiana, USA

I have had weight issues since approximately age 12. Just for a reference point, that was in 1959, so [I'm] not quite a spring chicken!

Before January 2011, I had tried close to every type of diet known to mankind, including the prescription drug Phen Phen, a medication that several people died using. I was one of the blessed ones who lived, without any known complications; probably because I hated the way it made me feel and stopped taking it shortly after starting it. As those of you who have weight issues understand, the results of Yo-Yoing through fad diet after fad diet - I lost some, then gained it all back with friends.

In 2010, two children later, a Registered Nursing degree plus 30 years of working in the Traditional Medical world, I reached my top weight of 270 lbs. - on my 5'3" medium-build body. Thankfully, I hovered there until October 2011 when some Angel friends introduced me to what completely changed my life.

They told me to put a small mineral sachet called "X2O" in my drinking water (which, by the way, was my own well water). I never could see buying bottled water, only in a pinch. I'm also a farmer's wife, so I'm pretty frugal. And I rarely drank the stuff - water - only as a last resort! My friends said to drink 2 bottles of the mineralized, alkalized water for at least 30 days. So I did!! Wow, by the end of 30 days I had dropped 12 lbs. - without counting calories, jogging or any other major life changes other than drinking my 2 bottles of water every day with that X2O sachet inside.

I also began to really learn about Wellness Care instead of "Sick Care", which is what I wanted all along. I wanted to be healthier instead of on pain medications for my joints and heading to potential knee surgeries, blood pressure medication, and a weight putting me at risk of going to a nursing home in my golden years - or worse, bariatric surgery as my last resort.

During those initial 30 days, I discovered the company that marketed the X2O mineral packets, Xooma, also had other ways to enhance my new weight management protocol. This unique weight management program would also allow me to increase my metabolism without damaging side effects. That brings me to January 2013.

I now weigh 190 lbs. My pant size has decreased from a 22-24 to a 12-14, and I had to go shopping for a new wardrobe (so exciting). But now I know I will never yo-yo diet again; I understand how to manage my weight with "God's continued Blessings" and his tools, brought to me through Xooma WorldWide. My "Golden Years" look a whole lot brighter and my 130 lb. goal is just around the bend. I expect to attain it by July 2013, as I am now exercising more in addition to managing my weight in a truly healthy way.

Thanks for taking your time to read my story. My prayer is that I can pay this gift forward for others who, like me, really felt I was a lost cause.

Nancy C., Indiana, USA

I started Xooma in January. When I first met representatives of Xooma at a meeting, they had to help me out of my chair! The arthritis in my back was really bad, but it was also in my hands and other joints. And I was a huge diet soda drinker - I kept one in my hand all the time. I weighed over 380 lbs., had no golf game left (a huge disappointment for me) and was taking six different medications.

The same night I met the Xooma representatives, I joined the company and started taking some of Xooma's key products. Those products have changed my life! I am now on NO medications, and my arthritis is pretty much gone. It doesn't bother me at all. I have lost over 100 lbs. and now weigh under 280 lbs.! My plan is continuing to lose so I can get down to somewhere around 200 lbs.

Best of all, my golf game is back! I finished in Third Place in Player of the Year for Seniors in the state of Tennessee! It's one of our biggest events. And, my golf game score was also my age this year... 63!

The Xooma products have truly given me my life back. I feel 20 years younger - thank you, Xooma!

Bobby B., Tennessee, USA

My health is important to me and my well-being. When I was 14 years old, I lost over 40 pounds and throughout my entire life, I have worked to keep that excess weight off.

Now, as a woman over 50 striving to keep a balanced body, I've found Xooma's MetaboWize System to be a blessing in my life. Exercise and weight training have been part of my routine for many years now, as well as living a healthy life style. The MetaboWize System takes the guess work out of what I need each day to keep my body balanced and burning fat efficiently, allowing me to maintain my physique.

Along with the MetaboWize System I also drink Xtreme X2O and take FocusUP daily. Xooma has high-quality products that are very reasonably priced in the marketplace. I have peace of mind knowing I'm putting some of the best nutrition that's out there, into my body. I look and feel great - there is no better testimonial! Thank you, Xooma!

Debbie M., Georgia, USA

On May 21, a year ago, my life changed. I met a representative of Xooma Worldwide, who introduced me to products that were part of the MetaboWize System. I weighed 490 pounds at the time.

I began drinking the MetaboWize Protein Fiber shakes every day, along with taking the AM and PM Formulas. I added other products to the regimen, including the Omega 3/75, X2O PM - and of course, I was drinking X2O water! Now I include FocusUP, adding a FocusUP drink mix to my protein fiber shake in the morning.

Currently, I drink four MetaboWize shakes a day. I like to mix both flavors together, the Tropical Vanilla and the Chocolate. And I like the shakes so much that I only eat one "regular" meal a day, in the evening - and it's a well-balanced meal.

To my amazement, I've lost 140 pounds so far. And the best part is I'm still losing weight. My blood pressure is down to 123/70 - pretty amazing compared to how high it used to be.

Losing all this weight has allowed me to achieve a personal goal that I would like to share that means a lot to me. I'm a deer hunter and I used to have to get a ride from where I parked my car to where my deer stand was - about a mile. This year, I was able to walk all the way to my deer stand and back. For me, this is a huge accomplishment and one that I am very proud of.

Thank you Xooma! I continue to be excited by my weight loss journey, and look forward to sharing more results with you soon!

Ron C., Missouri, USA

I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!!! As the author of Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much, I was searching for an exceptional product line that could truly bring health benefits and support the weight release goals of my readers and clients. My team and I searched and searched, and then Crystal Andrus invited me to look at this product line and company. The integrity and quality of the products are top level. But since integrity is so crucial to my brand, if I was going to offer them I had to be the one to use them. After trying them, I was so impressed that now I use Xooma daily! I feel great, have more energy, sleep through the night, poop regularly (yes! that is VERY important to weight release and detoxification), my skin looks great, and even my nails have gotten stronger. I especially love the taste of the MetaboWize Protein Fiber Shake! I highly recommend this product line and will be suggesting a special combination tailor made for my program. What a blessing to have found Xooma!

Colette Baron-Reid, #1 bestselling author, Founder of Master Intuitive Coach Institute - offering certification training in Weight Release Energetix

Both my wife and I have been in the Xooma business for a couple years. And while we've used some of Xooma's products and lost some weight, we never really tried hard to lose weight.

In November, we joined Xooma's "Cleanse Your Life" 30-Day Challenge, with Crystal Andrus and her daily coaching program. We took pictures of ourselves before we began - back, side and front - so we could see our progress. In the past we've always felt like we had a difficult time when it came to losing weight. Even during this challenge, while we lost weight we didn't lose as much as we thought. But here's the exciting discovery we made.

In sizing, we both lost about three inches around the belly, but we gained inches other places. We realized we were building lean muscle! In total, I lost 14 pounds and my wife Melinda lost 15 pounds.

We bought the full package that included the MetaboWize System and other products. We took the MetaboWize Protein Fiber Shake, the AM Formula, the PM Formula and Assimilator. We always drank 4 bottles of water (Xooma's 20-ounce bottles) with 2 sachets a day, FocusUP, and sometimes we used Nature's Body Cleanse. We drank two shakes a day, plus three meals. And we didn't even start exercising until 15 days into the 30-day program. (We got a treadmill and began walking 20 minutes every day.)

For a while Melinda got nauseated and didn't know why. Once she started taking Assimilator not only with her meals but with the shake, it made a big difference and she felt great again. We found out that when you get older, it can sometimes be hard to metabolize high amounts of protein, like what's in the shakes. It instantly made a difference for her.

I'm also grateful for feeling as good as I do now. I was fighting a Staph infection for a long time, that I almost died from while in the hospital. Once I was home, I was on five major pain killers. My Staph infection is now gone and I'm off all of the pain killers. Not only do I feel better, I think that Xooma's products have really helped detox my system from all this medication.

Thank you Xooma! We already felt great on Xooma's products, but doing the MetaboWize challenge, we've lost weight and feel even better now.

Joe and Melinda S., Indiana, USA

I have been a truck driver for many, many years. During the last 12 years, I started adding on the pounds and got up to 358 pounds. I'm 6' tall and have a pretty large frame, so people still don't believe I weigh as much as I do. Someone once told me I looked like I was a 6'4" man squished down to 6'!

I have been deteriorating over a long period of time. There were times when I was able to lose weight - I lost 60 pounds four different times in my life, and had lost 80 pounds two times - but I always gained the weight back. I hated being unhealthy, it was such a struggle. I also had heart issues, a condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. It was diagnosed 12 years ago. So I've been taking prescription medications - heart medicine for 20 years, thyroid medicine, and blood pressure medicine.

When I was introduced to Xooma and heard about all their products - especially MetaboWize - I came on board that day. I immediately began to lose weight and felt better.

Six months after being on MetaboWize and other Xooma products, I lost 48 pounds. I was definitely feeling better and walking better! Then I hit a wall that I couldn't bust through and didn't feel well on top of it. I went to a holistic doctor and found out that it was the result of so many toxins that were still in my body. In my younger rock-and-roll days, I "ran hard," as they say, and had put toxins in my body that were still there.

So the Xooma products were actually helping flush toxins out of my body. I continued taking Xooma's products all along, and just supplemented them for a period of time to help release the built-up toxins in my system. Six or seven months after discovering the excessive toxins in my system - and all the while continuing to take Xooma's products - I found I had cleared about 50 toxins out of my body. And better yet, I resumed losing weight!

I am now down to 300 pounds and people who know me don't believe it! I really want to become a 200-pound man. Being a truck driver, I used to drink between 3 and 5 pots of coffee a day - now I don't drink ANY, thanks to Xooma! And I'm still taking my blood pressure medicine, but I'm looking forward to stopping that, once I get my doctor's blessing. And my weight loss success story is still unfolding.

I'm a single man at age 57 and love this industry! I love to share the business because it's changing my life. Most of all, the products are really giving me my life back.

Eric D., Missouri, USA